1921 Buick Model D44-D45-D46-D47 Wiring Diagram

This will be the complete wiring diagram of the 1921 Buick Models D44-D45-D46-D47. This is a quite complex schematic, you will need to study them comprehensively first. First thing to do if you have a wiring problem is to disconnect the battery of the car, then you can check out for broken connections, if the connections are all OK, you can check the components, see if anything is broken, if you can’t fix it, then you might have to replace the component with a new one. Components you’ll see here are like: circuit breaker, ignition coil, condenser, resistance unit, headlights, horn button, cowl light, tail light, etc. (Click image to enlarge)

 Wiring Diagram For 1921 Buick Model D44-D45-D46-D47