1949-1953 Studebaker 2-R Series Trucks Wiring Diagram

What you will find inside this page is the wiring diagram for the 1949-1953 Studebaker 2-R Series Trucks. Please read and study this wiring schematic comprehensively before taking any action regarding your Studebaker Trucks’ wiring system. Some components we’ll be seeing inside are including: light switch, horn button, airtone horn, driving beam tell-tale lamp, horn relay, battery, starting switch, circuit breaker, door switch, transmission solenoid, trans lock-out switch, ignition switch, junction block, distributor, throttle switch, single horn hook up, generator, voltage regulator, head lamp, instrument lamps, map lamp, gas gauge tank unit, etc. You will also find the code letter for the wire color inside. (Click image to enlarge)

 Wiring Diagram For 1949 1953 Studebaker 2 R Series Trucks