1959 Chevrolet V8 Impala Wiring Diagram

The schematic we are about to show is the electrical wiring diagram of the 1959 Chevrolet V8 Impala. Please read the document comprehensively before performing an electrical work on your vehicle. In this Chevy V8 Impala wiring diagram, you will come across parts like the tail light, stop light & direction signal, gas gauge, L license light, R license light, dome light switch, light switch & circuit breaker, generator indicator, instrument light, oil pressure indicator, windshield wiper, temperature gauge, L direction indicator, high beam indicator, direction signal switch connector, gas gauge, ignition switch, cigar lighter, weather control switch, heater light, glove compartment light & switch, heater resistor connector, heater blower motor, starter solenoid, high beam, low beam, direction signal, parking light, starter, horn, and horn relay. (click to enlarge image)

Electrical Wiring Diagram Of 1959 Chevrolet V8 Impala