1963 Ford 6 Galaxie Part 2 Wiring Diagram

The next schematic will be the wiring diagrams of the 1963 Ford 6 Galaxie part 2. To see the part 1 of the wiring diagrams, you can access the link below the image. Now before you perform any wiring work regarding your Ford Galaxie, it will be best if you first read all both parts of the wiring diagrams, this will give you a complete understanding to do your wiring work. Now about the parts, there are parts to deal with here like: breaker, distributor, generator, temperature gauge engine unit, starter relay, windshield washer motor, starters, battery, etc.(click image to enlarge)

Wiring Diagram For 1963 Ford 6 Galaxie Part 2

Wiring Diagrams Of 1963 Ford 6 Galaxie Part 1