1964 Studebaker Postal Zip Van 8E5-FC Model Wiring Diagram

Now we will show you this schematic about the wiring diagram of the 1964 Studebaker Postal Zip Van 8E5-FC Model. This is a quite clear schematic, you can zoom it if you want a clearer view of the components and connections. Here are some of the components names we’ll find inside: horn button, high beam indicator, starting motor, ammeter, heat indicator, shift light, instrument lamp, kick down switch, heat indicator cylinder unit, headlamp, park & directional lamp, distributor, alternator, voltage regulator, headlamp dimmer switch, battery, starter solenoid, right hand tail lamp, right rear directional lamp, left hand tail lamp, etc. (Click image to enlarge)

 Wiring Diagram For 1964 Studebaker Postal Zip Van 8E5 FC Model