1971 Volkswagen Beetle And Super Beetle Wiring Diagram

What you will see here is a schematic about the electrical wiring diagram of the 1971 Volkswagen Beetle and Super Beetle. We advise you to first read the electrical wiring diagram shown here comprehensively to make sure your wiring connection is in the right combination. The parts you will see here is like: side marker light, turn signal and parking light, windshield wiper switch, windshield wiper motor, sealed beam unit, headlight, fuse box, dimmer relay, horn, brake light switch, emergency flasher relay, ignition/starter switch, horn button, dimmer switch, turn signal switch, backup light, tail & brake light, electro-magnetic pilot jet, automatic choke, spark plug, turn signal switch, ignition coil, ignition distributor, generator, ignition key warning buzzer, battery, and fuel gauge sending unit. (click image to enlarge)

Electrical Wiring Diagram Of 1971 Volkswagen Beetle And Super Beetle