1978 Honda CX500 Wiring Diagram Part 2

The wiring circuit connection that will be shown here is the wiring diagram of the 1978 Honda CX500. The second part of the diagram shown here will refer to the UK CX500 C-B and US 1979-1981 CX500, and 1979 CX500 D. As for the second part of the wiring diagram that refer to the UK CX500, CX500-A, CX500-B, and US 1978-1979 CX500 you can go HERE. Before attempting any wiring work on your Honda motorcycle, we suggest you to first read and understand the wiring schematic comprehensively. The parts you will see inside this wiring diagram of 1978 Honda CX500 part 2 will be like: front brake lamp switch, engine stop switch, starter switch, lighting switch, ignition switch, CDI unit, alternator, and many more. (click image to enlarge)

Electrical Wiring Diagram Of 1978 Honda CX500 Part 2