1980 Cadillac DeVille-Diesel Wiring Diagram

Let us take you to see this schematic about the wiring diagrams of the 1980 Cadillac DeVille-Diesel. Please read and understand all about this wiring diagrams first before you do any wiring work with your Cadillac DeVille-Diesel. Some of the components shown here are like: wait lamp, battery, starter solenoid, thermal controller, ignition switch, fast idle relay, fast idle solenoid, wait lamp relay, fuel solenoid, glow plug relay, blower motor resistor, right hand glow plugs, left hand glow plugs, blower motor resistor, A/C compressor clutch, low pressure switch, blower motor, in-car temperature sensor, etc. (click image to enlarge)

Wiring Diagrams Of 1980 Cadillac DeVille Diesel