1985 BMW R80 And R80RT Wiring Diagram

Herein we will see a schematic about the wiring diagram of the 1985 BMW R80 and R80RT. Please make sure to read the wiring schematic shown here first before making any wiring changes on your BMW R80 and R80RT wiring connections. Inside this BMW motorcycle wiring diagram, we will see parts like: ignition switch, front indicator, front brake lamp switch, instruments, headlamp, parking lamp, clock, voltmeter, horn, lighting switch, horn switch, indicator switch, high beam headlamp switch, clutch switch, starter relay, battery, starter motor, generator, regulator, diode board, connection for additional instruments, rear indicator, tail/stop lamps, fuel solenoid, air solenoid, rev. counter, oil pressure indicator, neutral indicator, charge indicator, instrument lamp, high beam indicator, indicator warning lamp, rear brake lamp switch, neutral switch, oil pressure switch, control unit, ignition trigger, and spark plugs. (click image to enlarge)

Wiring Diagram Of 1985 BMW R80 And R80RT