BMW R80G/S Wiring Diagram

The following schematic is an electrical wiring diagram of the BMW R80G/S. Now, before you do electrical work on your motorcycle’s electrical wiring, it is always important to read and understand the wiring schematics first. If you are ready, we can start. The electrical wiring diagram of BMW R80G/S will contain parts like: charge W?L, neutral W/L, oil pressure W/L, high beam W/L, turn signal W/L, RH front turn signal, head lamp, parking lamp, instrument light, connection for rev. counter, LH front turn signal, dip switch, turn signal switch, horn switch, light relay, starter relay, turn signal relay, ignition trigger, ignition control unit, battery, voltage regulator, alternator, diode board, LH rear turn signal, tail/brake lamp, RH rear turn signal, rear brake light switch, ignition coil and spark plugs, oil pressure switch, neutral switch, clutch switch, starter switch, stop switch, horn, front brake light switch, ignition lighting switch, and fuses. (click image to enlarge)

Electrical Wiring Diagram Of BMW R80G/S