E.C.C.S. 1991 Nissan 240SX Wiring Diagram

The schematic shown here is the E.C.C.S. wiring diagram of the 1991 Nissan 240SX. To prevent any bad wiring problems, it is best to read and understand this wiring diagram shown here first before making any changes on your Nissan 240SX wiring connections. The E.C.C.S. wiring diagram of this Nissan 240SX will show you parts like: E.C.C.S. Control unit, injector, detonation sensor, power steering oil pressure switch, throttle sensor, exhaust gas sensor, engine temperature sensor, resistor and condenser, power transistor, ignition coil, distributor, crank angle sensor, engine ground, A/T control unit, A.I.V control solenoid valve, air conditioner relay, fuel pump relay, E.C.C.S. Relay, condenser fan motor, ambient switch, body ground, ignition switch, battery, fuse and fusible link, neutral switch, vehicle speed sensor, 4th position switch, 5th position switch, combination meter, head-up display control unit, instrument harness, fuse block, fuel pump, thermo control amplifier, diagnostic connector for consult, exhaust gas temperature sensor, A.A.C. Valve, air regulator, F.I.C.D. Solenoid valve, diode, sir flow meter, S.C.V. Control solenoid valve, and E.G.R. Control solenoid valve. (click image to enlarge)

E.C.C.S. Wiring Diagram Of 1991 Nissan 240SX