Lambda-Type Emission Control System of 1980-1983 BMW 320i Wiring Diagram

The following schematic is the lambda-type emission control system wiring diagram of the 1980-1983 BMW 320i. The wiring diagram is quite simple and easy to follow, but nevertheless, it is always important to read an understand the 1980-1983 BMW 320i lambda-type control system wiring diagram first before you do wiring work on your vehicle. The parts you will come across here is like the lambda relay, pulse valve, lambda control unit, oxygen sensor, coolant switch, throttle switch, speed relay, and also the fuse. But please note that coolant switch open above 63° F, and that throttle switch closes at wide open throttle (WOT), and also that the speed relay closes above 3500 rpm. (click image to enlarge)

Lambda-Type Emission Control System Wiring Diagram Of 1980-1983 BMW 320i