Suzuki GN 400 Lighting Wiring Diagram

This wiring diagram will explains about the lighting of the Suzuki GN 400 motorcycle. It is important that you read the wiring diagram about the Suzuki motorcycle lighting shown here first before making any changes on your Suzuki GN 400 wiring systems. This can save you a lot of time and are also safer. OK, now we talk about the wiring diagrams, inside this Suzuki GN 400 lighting wiring diagram you will find parts like: turn signal light, headlight, parking or city light, front turn signal light, ignition switch, dimmer switch, turn signal switch, horn switch, resistor, gear position switch, magneto, tail/brake light, CDI unit, ignition coil, tachometer light, front brake light switch, etc. Herein you will also see the wire color codes that distinguish each different cable colors. (click image to enlarge)

Lighting Wiring Diagram Of Suzuki GN 400