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1962 Ford Lincoln Continental Part 2 Wiring Diagram

If you have read the Wiring Diagrams Of 1962 Ford Lincoln Continental Part 1, now let us take you to see the wiring diagrams of the 1962 Ford Lincoln Continental part 2. The wiring diagrams also contains many different parts and connections to comprehend before you can do any wiring work properly with you car’s wiring systems, and the parts are like: current regulator, high beam, direction signal, low beam, starter, generator, coil, oil pressure switch, cutout relay, right blower motor, horn relay, etc. (click image to enlarge)

1962 Ford Lincoln Continental Wiring Diagrams Part 2

1961 Ford Lincoln Continental Wiring Diagram Part 1

What we will discuss here is the schematic or the wiring diagrams of the 1961 Ford Lincoln Continental part 1. Go HERE for the part 2 of the wiring diagrams. Inside, we will see many components and connections, the components or parts will be like: instrument light, instrument cluster connector, ignition switch, parking brake warning light & switch, door lock warning light, transmission dial light, direction signal switch, horn, etc. (click image to enlarge)

1961 Ford Lincoln Continental Part 1